"Like As The Waves" Sonnet 60

As we follow the west coast down from Oregon into California, we've had such great opportunity to see beautiful beaches, headlands, rocky points and coves, wildlife and endless waves crashing on the shore.

All of this is an inspiration for our music.

The waves are particularly inspiring for one of our poetry pieces set to music by our good friend and wonderful musician composer Mark Miller.

Mark set 2 Shakespeare Sonnets to music, Sonnet 60 " Like as the Waves" & Sonnet 130 "My Mistress Eyes".

Those coming to our poetry / music concerts in the libraries often comment on these pieces being their favorites.

Mark has sent along other compositions set to poetry as we travel along, and we had a chance to look at one in Bolinas, CA, "Blue Ophelia".
We look forward to developing this piece and add this to our presentations in the near future.

A message to Mark:  We've "cracked open" Blue Ophelia"!

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